Meet awesome professor, Dr. Dymond!

Erica Dymond

In addition to being an avid roller-skater, Dr. Erica Dymond is a lecturer for Marywood’s English Department. She earned her B.A. from MarywoodUniversity. After receiving  her  M.A. from The University of Scranton and Ph.D. from Lehigh University, she returned to Marywood to give back the knowledge and love she was gifted as a young scholar. Her research mostly focuses on Gothic/horror literature and film but extends to indie film and anime. Dr. Dymond’s work has been published in the peer-reviewed scholarly journals The Explicator and The Journal of Popular Cultural. Additionally, she has contributed to numerous academic titles such as Comics through Time, The Encyclopedia of World Comics, and The Encyclopedia of Japanese Horror Films. Currently, she acts as a consulting editor for The Explicator as well as a peer-reviewer for Focal Press.

Outside of class, Dr. Dymond invests her free-time in optimizing her blood-elf rogue (“For the Horde!”), analyzing the role of perceived villains in Kishimoto’s Naruto, dissecting social commentary in The Walking Dead (as well as obsessing over a baseball bat named “Lucille”), and marveling at the unconventional wisdom of Louis C.K.  (and Marc Maron).


Religion teacher, Tammy.

Tammy Amossen

Tammy Amosson, Professor of Religious Studies/Theology

I am honored to have just celebrated my five year anniversary at Marywood! I feel extremely blessed to part of such an amazing community.   For me, the best part of Marywood is without question the people (a.k.a. humans).  My soul rejoices in each encounter whether it be Jeff in security, Sandy in Housekeeping, Miao in the Learning Commons, Bobby in maintenance, Tiz in Dining Services, Professor Adam Shprintzen, or amazing students like Corryn, Lewis, Meghan, Danielle, Brandon & Tyler (just to name a few).

In responding to the question “What do I do for fun?” my sincere answer is … go to work.  I consider being a professor at Marywood a great honor and priviledge.  I am surrounded by kind souls who mimic my homeland (Texas) in hospitality & compassion and I’ve even managed to find a few Dallas Cowboy fans in the process.

When I’m not working I am  answer may seem inconceivable to some albeit a reafor fun my answer seems Marywood has as I almost feel like Marywood truly has become a family.   I am inspired by the amazing people family.  As a Texas transplant The Marywood community has welcomeSouthern Hospitality and that is saying  a lot for a Texan.  would be received in Northeast, PA. but Marywood reminded me of Texas hospitality.

Mike fights for equality

Mike RomanoMeet Michael Romano. He graduated in the spring of 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Biology. After a competitive application and interview process, Michael was offered a position with Project Inspire as a teacher resident, while concurrently earning his Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Tennessee Technological University. Project Inspire is a STEM teacher residency program that works towards educational equity by providing new math and science teachers for high-need schools in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. As a program, “We believe that every student deserves a mind-blowing math or science teacher, regardless of their zip code. We also believe that all students are innately curious and have incredible capacity to learn, grow, and overcome challenges but they need adults who believe in them”. Michael is currently working as an 8th grade science teacher at a high-needs Title-I public school in Hamilton County, Chattanooga. “I didn’t join Project Inspire with the intent of becoming ‘Superman’ and transforming the disappointing public education system in our country. I joined Project Inspire because I believe every kid has the potential to succeed. It’s my job to help them reveal that potential and motivate them to want to succeed. I have such a deep-rooted passion for educational inequity and I truly believe that regardless of where kids grow up in this country, they all deserve a teacher that cares not only about their academic well-being, but about their development as successful, self-appreciating young men and women.”

Meet Dr. Sam!

Sam ChristensonSamantha Christiansen (or Dr. Sam as her students have come to call her) is an Assistant Professor of History and Director of Women’s Studies at Marywood. She is also the undergraduate advisor for the Fulbright program and has been serving as the program evaluator for the Higher Education for Sisters in Africa (HESA) Program. She teaches courses in her specialties, which include Asian history, the Global Sixties, the Global South, and Gender Studies. She also teaches introductory world history classes for the core, and especially loves the opportunity to show non-History majors that history can be fun and interesting – not the boring, stuffy discipline that many expect.

When she isn’t in the classroom, she is probably hanging flyers for the next event she’s promoting. A strong believer in building connections across the campus and the broader community, she tries to organize events, (such as Women’s History is Alive and the Scranton Radical Bookfair), that are creative, engaging, and that reflect Marywood’s (and her own) commitment to social justice.

In her personal time, she enjoys spending time with cats (and the rest of her family is fine too). She likes to go running and hiking, exploring cities around the world, and baking delicious treats that are secretly healthy. Highly ranked among her personal accomplishments is successfully earning her Phaal Curry Monster certificate by surviving the Phaal Curry from Brick Lane Curry House in NYC (which was featured on Man vs. Food as the world’s spiciest curry).

Lauren is a CSD Professor who loves Marywood!

Lauren Burrows “I moved to Scranton nearly two years ago to join the Communication Sciences and Disorders department as an assistant professor. Having completed my undergraduate and graduate degrees at large universities, Marywood’s size was quite a change for me! That being said, I love the community atmosphere of campus and having the opportunity to really get to know my students. I enjoy participating in activities that bring together students and faculty outside of the classroom. We can all learn so much from one another.”

Carrie loves basketball and marketing

Carrie Toomey

My name is Carrie Toomey and I am the Art Director in the Marketing and Communications. Our office creates most the marketing publications for the University. I have been at Marywood for 18 years. I love my job and the people I work with everyday! When I am not working I am coaching or watching basketball. I have been both my daughters’ coach since they were 5 years old. My love of the game has been passed on to them. I think that sports played a huge part in my life and made me the person I am today. Something I tell them before each games is


“Work hard and good things will happen.” That holds true in life as well.

In the picture I provided, my family and I are at a UConn basketball game.

Meet Dr. Garver! Organic Chemist

dr_garverI am Deanne Dulik Garver, a faculty member in the Science Department.  I teach Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, and the Science Capstone course for juniors and seniors.  I love to work with students, show them how chemistry impacts their daily lives and teach goofy ways to remember complex concepts.  I feel very fortunate to work among dedicated and hard working students, faculty and staff.  I am really proud of the accomplishments of our students and what they go on to do after their time here.  I also work with my husband to own and operate an organic practice raspberry and Christmas tree farm near Factoryville.  Farming is a great way to give back to both the earth and the community.  You can catch me on the summer weekends at local farmers markets in and around Scranton!