Meet Diana, a Graphic Design Alumn

Her name is Diana D’Achille. She graduated in 2014 with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Multimedia. Currently, She is a Visual Web Designer Consultant for Verizon.

Diana’s years at Marywood have certainly driven her to excel in everything she does. She enjoyed two varsity sports at Marywood; cross country and lacrosse, and was fortunate to earn many athletic awards and accomplishments. Diana credits Marywood for teaching her commitment, attitude, and time management.

Since graduation, Diana has earned a Web Master’s Certification at her local county college and subscribed to online courses. In her spare time, she has been designing low polygon animals. “Low Poly” formally known as “Low Polygon” is a form of art where you create a mesh of triangles to create a three dimensional object. She combines this style of art with her love for animals by designing 400 different species. ‪#‎Exhibit400‬ Last week, she was grateful to have received recognition from Photoshop on Instagram. With Photoshop, Diana is able to bring her ideas to life.

“The best advice I could give to anyone graduating is to embrace what interests you. Research tutorials, discover popular artists, and commit yourself to a continuous education. It does not stop once you get your degree or dream job, enjoy the ride. Everything you need to know is a never-ending pursuit. I wish all future Marywood artists luck and I hope they find some inspiration in my story” – Diana D’Achille

Pictured with this post are just a few of the amazing Polygon animals that Diana has created.

Be sure to follow Diana and check out her fantastic and inspiring art.

Instagram: @diana_dachille
Twitter: DAchille Designs
Facebook: Exhibit 400

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