Meet Our Fullbright 2016 Scholars

Fulbright Scholarship winners
Kaitlyn Beaton and Dr. Parker-Bell, Fulbright Scholarship winners

We are happy to announce that two “Humans of Marywood” have been chosen as Fulbright Scholarship Winners! And one of the winners was the “Human” who made this page

Dr. Barbara Parker-Bell teaches Art Therapy at Marywood, and will be traveling to Siberia the fall of this year in order to do research and teach. Her research project is called, “Understanding and Supporting Development of Art Therapy Use in the Russian Federation.”

Katlyn Beaton, graduate student, will be teaching English in Andorra, Europe. She graduated with her BA in Spanish, and then received her Masters in Arts degree in Education.

Katalina made the Humans of Marywood Facebook page when she was Graduate Assistant for the Web Development office. It was her idea to originally make a site that would showcase the wonderful people of Marywood University.

We are very happy about the success that Katlyn and Dr. Parker-Bell have accomplished, especially being awarded with the Fulbright Scholarship. Congratulations!

Full article here

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