Meet Stephen, an MBA student with an advertising consulting business

StephenMeet Stephen! “I’m a 23 year old grad student, I received my Bachelors in Communications in January 2014 and my Masters in Communications in August 2015, now I’m working on an MBA. I started my own advertising consulting business which I hope to expand to a full media company and eventually expand beyond media into other business ventures. I’m also currently in the early stages of launching a political campaign for Pennsylvania State Congress as an independent candidate from District 113 for the upcoming general election. My favorite musical artists include Sam Hunt, All Time Low, and Nelly. My favorite movies are Titanic and Now You See Me, my favorite book is The Outsiders, and I have a slight obsession with House of Cards and Gotham. In the little free time I have, I love to write short stories and poetry, go on long country drives, play basketball, and cause a little chaos with my friends.” Photo credit by Bob Hannon


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