Humans of Marywood with RetroChic DHokien in Paris, France.

hokienMeet Dr. Hokien

“I’ve been a Professor at Marywood for 19 years. My doctorate degree from Lehigh University is in Analytical Chemistry and I taught in the Science Department for 15 years before becoming the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS) Director that houses the Ph.D. Program in Human Development.”

“I teach the Quantitative Methods Research course in the doctoral program in the Fall semesters and each Spring semester, I co-teach the undergraduate course ‘The Chemistry of Wine, Cuisine, and the Culture of a European Country’ with Dr. Lee Harrison, Professor of Nutrition/Dietetics, which has a study abroad component over Spring Break to a European Country. Next Spring 2017 a 7-day visit to Paris, France is planned. Our previous study abroad visits have been to Northern France, Tuscany, Germany, and Spain.”

“I’m the owner of a side business called RetroChic Home Decor & Accessories that specializes in vintage, re-purposed, and handcrafted items for home and office. And as a hobby, I also golf in two women’s leagues: Blue Ridge Trail, Mountaintop, PA and Elmhurst Country Club, Elmhurst, PA.”

Visit Dr. Hokien’s side business page here-

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