Maddessen embodies Art and the Marywood Core Values

Maddesson WrightMaddesen Paige Wright is an Illustration major. She plans to be a design/story artist for animation and maybe even someday, art direct. She loves skiing, art history, writing, music, and being involved on campus. You may have seen Maddesen in campus ministry reading in church, or as a leader of 4:12 for Women, Marywood’s women’s group. Maybe you’ve seen her in your residence hall, or just around in her rubber, yellow Converse sneakers. Maddesen is an RA, orientation leader, ASCENT New Student Retreat leader, and was last year’s homecoming duchess.

“Be whoever you are extremely loud, and be completely fearless when you do it” -Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance.

“This is my favorite quote ever,” says Maddesen. “I take it very seriously. It was my senior quote for high school, and now I’ve brought that mentality with me to college tenfold. These are the years we have to make count. There isn’t a thing I’m involved with on campus that I don’t love. I’ve met so many new friends and built relationships I never had in high school. These ones mean a whole lot more. The people I’m involved with here are more than just my friends, we’re family, which is what Marywood is all about. I want to show students here that they have every opportunity to have that too, so I bring everything I’ve got to the table with me.”


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