Meet Kelsey, Graphic Design major and an editor for the Wood Word and Bayleaf

Kelsey Van Horn is a Junior majoring in graphic design. She is the president of Marywood’s graphic design club (CMYKlub) and the vice-president of the Outdoors Club. She is the Design Editor for Marywood’s student-run newspaper, The Wood Word at Marywood University. Additionally, she is the Junior Editor for campus’ art and literature magazine, The Bayleaf. She is also involved in the Rockclimbing Club and the art honor society, Zeta Omicron Kappa Pi.

When not working or at school, Kelsey can be found hiking and finding beauty in the great outdoors, working out, or experimental (& nutritious) cooking and baking. (Her favorite thing to make is from-scratch Margherita pizza!)

Kelsey’s goal after graduation is to travel, explore, spread love, and just be happy … wherever that takes her and however that unfolds.

Photo is of Kelsey and her boyfriend, John Novack at Bald Mountain, Pa.
Photo of Kelsey alone is taken in Minnewaska State Park, Sam’s Point Preserve, Ny.

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from Humans of Marywood


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