Meet Zack- he finds the balance between school life and social life!

zack johnson-medlandI’m Zachary Johnson-Medland,and I’m currently a Sophomore Graphic Design Major. I live off campus, so I do a ton of random stuff throughout the day to keep me busy while I’m on campus: I read a ton of books, write for, started to write for the Learning Commons Blogs, sketch random people, write short stories, anything that keeps me in that “academic” mindset so I can do other things when I get home. Outside of school I keep my mind busy by running, doing yoga, meditating, reading, painting, and hiking or camping when I get the chance. It never seems like I have enough time to everything I want, or enough money to entertain my hobbies. My life is constantly a balance of trying to keep myself in a healthy balance of activities for myself and with others, because I sometimes over exert myself, or find myself overly stressed and anxious. I think part of being young is playing with that balance, so you know how to make yourself happy and still contribute to world around you. At the core of most things you find this as well: the balance of contrasts. In art its between the form and function, with health it’s effectiveness and enjoyment, in camping its planning and enjoyment, in life it just happens to be you and others. We’re always balancing, and that seems to be the fun of it.


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