Meet Dr Polizzi- education teacher

dr polizzi 3 dr polizzi dr polizzi2 dr polizzi4Things were a little crazy when I was working on my PhD at Penn State-the challenge of doing doctoral work was intense and each morning I did everything in my power to discipline myself to make it through the day and still have a little fun. At one point in order to get my dissertation written, I would leave the internet connection wire at my daughter’s daycare in order to be able to focus on my writing-like with a typewriter.  This is a little harder to do today with wi-fi and smartphones. I finished and here I am today-9 years at Marywood and an Associate Professor in the Education Department. The second picture is me abroad working on a cross-cultural mural.  I lived abroad as a Fulbrighter, and now regularly travel with students to Europe in the summer to be the staff leader of an American Culture English Language Summer Camp. The third picture is with two visiting Fulbright scholars, Dr. Charru Sharma from India and Dr. Rodica Zaharia from Romania who spoke to my doctoral class. Being a college professor is challenging work. I am lucky to be able to share my gifts and talents with others. My work is setting up pathways for my students as others have done for me.


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