Meet Dr. Salve, and architect from Spain

miguel salveMeet Dr. Miguel Angel Calvo Salve!

He is a licensed architect from Spain, he is an Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture, and he has moved from Spain in the summer 2013. In 2015 he earned his Ph.D in Architectural Design, researching about the presence of artists like Klee, Itten, Kandinsky, Moholy-Nagy, Albers and others in the work of the Hungarian-American architect Marcel Breuer. He likes to explore innovative pedagogies that relates Architecture with other disciplines such as Theater, Literature, Painting and Sculpture.

Art and Architecture are his passions, but he also loves to hike, travel, hang out with friends and play sports such as tennis, basketball and soccer.

He loves teaching and the contact with students. In his former University in Spain, he has organized and participated in study trips with students along the major cities in Europe such as Paris, Helsinki, Oporto, Lyon, and others. In collaboration with the Spanish Department at Marywood is organizing study trips to Spain for Marywood students, during Summer Sessions and Breaks.


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