Alyssa strives to change the world

“I am a senior art therapy student here at Marywood and will be graduating this May (eek!). I am so excited to continue my education in getting a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling with a Spiecalization in Art Therapy! Marywood has given me a great foundation to further pursue my career in art therapy. My time at Marywood has confirmed my desire to work with children and also gave me a new passion for the homeless population. Marywood has also provided me the most amazing experiences such as serving in different states and internationally to places like Africa and this summer Guatemala (I am so excited!) through service trips! I have even been fortunate enough to hold officer positions as president for both VIA (volunteers in Action, Zeta OMicron (Art HOnor Society), VP for MUSATA (Art Therapy Association), a CRS (Catholic Relief Services) Ambassador, a service trip leader and attendee, a retreat leader for Ascent and Search retreats, a Women’s group leader, a blogger for Marywood’s art department, props for Passion Play, the chair of the decorations committee for Kidstuff, and anything else that catches my interest!

My schedule may be busy but I’d rather be busy doing things that I love and am passionate about than having too much time not doing much; and because of my involvement I have gotten to know the most wonderful people from great faculty to dedicated club members that I look up to and enjoy spending time with. Although I am getting sappy with how much I love everyone it is nothing short of the truth and something I will truly miss as I close this chapter at Marywood and move onto the next adventure! I have loved the amount of service opportunities I have been given through Marywood and will definitely continue service throughout my life because it is a passion of mine that makes me truly happy!

Hmmm favorite quote… Probably every Mother Theresa quote and/or Walt Disney quote there is; look some up and I’m sure you will too smile 🙂


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