Meet Dr. Sam!

Sam ChristensonSamantha Christiansen (or Dr. Sam as her students have come to call her) is an Assistant Professor of History and Director of Women’s Studies at Marywood. She is also the undergraduate advisor for the Fulbright program and has been serving as the program evaluator for the Higher Education for Sisters in Africa (HESA) Program. She teaches courses in her specialties, which include Asian history, the Global Sixties, the Global South, and Gender Studies. She also teaches introductory world history classes for the core, and especially loves the opportunity to show non-History majors that history can be fun and interesting – not the boring, stuffy discipline that many expect.

When she isn’t in the classroom, she is probably hanging flyers for the next event she’s promoting. A strong believer in building connections across the campus and the broader community, she tries to organize events, (such as Women’s History is Alive and the Scranton Radical Bookfair), that are creative, engaging, and that reflect Marywood’s (and her own) commitment to social justice.

In her personal time, she enjoys spending time with cats (and the rest of her family is fine too). She likes to go running and hiking, exploring cities around the world, and baking delicious treats that are secretly healthy. Highly ranked among her personal accomplishments is successfully earning her Phaal Curry Monster certificate by surviving the Phaal Curry from Brick Lane Curry House in NYC (which was featured on Man vs. Food as the world’s spiciest curry).


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