Mike fights for equality

Mike RomanoMeet Michael Romano. He graduated in the spring of 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Biology. After a competitive application and interview process, Michael was offered a position with Project Inspire as a teacher resident, while concurrently earning his Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Tennessee Technological University. Project Inspire is a STEM teacher residency program that works towards educational equity by providing new math and science teachers for high-need schools in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. As a program, “We believe that every student deserves a mind-blowing math or science teacher, regardless of their zip code. We also believe that all students are innately curious and have incredible capacity to learn, grow, and overcome challenges but they need adults who believe in them”. Michael is currently working as an 8th grade science teacher at a high-needs Title-I public school in Hamilton County, Chattanooga. “I didn’t join Project Inspire with the intent of becoming ‘Superman’ and transforming the disappointing public education system in our country. I joined Project Inspire because I believe every kid has the potential to succeed. It’s my job to help them reveal that potential and motivate them to want to succeed. I have such a deep-rooted passion for educational inequity and I truly believe that regardless of where kids grow up in this country, they all deserve a teacher that cares not only about their academic well-being, but about their development as successful, self-appreciating young men and women.”


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