Religion teacher, Tammy.

Tammy Amossen

Tammy Amosson, Professor of Religious Studies/Theology

I am honored to have just celebrated my five year anniversary at Marywood! I feel extremely blessed to part of such an amazing community.   For me, the best part of Marywood is without question the people (a.k.a. humans).  My soul rejoices in each encounter whether it be Jeff in security, Sandy in Housekeeping, Miao in the Learning Commons, Bobby in maintenance, Tiz in Dining Services, Professor Adam Shprintzen, or amazing students like Corryn, Lewis, Meghan, Danielle, Brandon & Tyler (just to name a few).

In responding to the question “What do I do for fun?” my sincere answer is … go to work.  I consider being a professor at Marywood a great honor and priviledge.  I am surrounded by kind souls who mimic my homeland (Texas) in hospitality & compassion and I’ve even managed to find a few Dallas Cowboy fans in the process.

When I’m not working I am  answer may seem inconceivable to some albeit a reafor fun my answer seems Marywood has as I almost feel like Marywood truly has become a family.   I am inspired by the amazing people family.  As a Texas transplant The Marywood community has welcomeSouthern Hospitality and that is saying  a lot for a Texan.  would be received in Northeast, PA. but Marywood reminded me of Texas hospitality.


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