Meet awesome professor, Dr. Dymond!

Erica Dymond

In addition to being an avid roller-skater, Dr. Erica Dymond is a lecturer for Marywood’s English Department. She earned her B.A. from MarywoodUniversity. After receiving  her  M.A. from The University of Scranton and Ph.D. from Lehigh University, she returned to Marywood to give back the knowledge and love she was gifted as a young scholar. Her research mostly focuses on Gothic/horror literature and film but extends to indie film and anime. Dr. Dymond’s work has been published in the peer-reviewed scholarly journals The Explicator and The Journal of Popular Cultural. Additionally, she has contributed to numerous academic titles such as Comics through Time, The Encyclopedia of World Comics, and The Encyclopedia of Japanese Horror Films. Currently, she acts as a consulting editor for The Explicator as well as a peer-reviewer for Focal Press.

Outside of class, Dr. Dymond invests her free-time in optimizing her blood-elf rogue (“For the Horde!”), analyzing the role of perceived villains in Kishimoto’s Naruto, dissecting social commentary in The Walking Dead (as well as obsessing over a baseball bat named “Lucille”), and marveling at the unconventional wisdom of Louis C.K.  (and Marc Maron).


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  1. The best professor I had at marywood..wasn’t an English student, but had her for an English class. She knows how to engage students so well and always took time to understand where her students were coming from!


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