10382815_10152243777707695_3438014571827056306_nMy name is Rachel and I am the administrator for the Humans of Marywood. I run the Facebook, Instagram, and parts of the website for our site.

I began this journey a little after I received my graduate assistantship through the Web Development office at Marywood. As part of my job, I take on projects while assisting my coworkers in anything they need. To understand this project I think you’ll need to know a little bit about me.I was born and raised in NEPA, specifically Dunmore. I knew I was going to Marywood since I was in high school and the next step I was to accomplish was to find out what major I wanted. I was stuck between Nursing and Digital Media. I chose the latter.

graduateMy hobbies included many things like reading, sports and most importantly: making fun trailers. I was always into making picture slide shows for my friends along with action adventure short skits. I became engaged in making silly videos and then met friends at Marywood who were incredibly skilled at Final Cut Pro X (the program for videos that every top videographer should use). My friends helped teach me how to love media and explore my artistic abilities while staying true to what I loved. While at Marywood, I became VP of the Digital Media Club, entertainment anchor for our TVM news station, and Station Manager for our award winning radio station, VMFM 91.7. Through the help of professors and friends I was able to improve my editing skills in both video and audio.I graduated in 2014 with my bachelors in Digital Media after doing my senior project with a local artist, where I collaborated making a music video for her. After graduation I wanted to explore other passions I had. I was always interested in cooking and baking so I spent a lot of time teaching myself how to cook. I also fell in love with yoga as a meditation and exercise. I took a year off to focus on myself,friends, and family. It was one of the smartest ideas I’ve ever made.After I was able to give time to myself to find what I was truly passionate in, I realized I wanted to go back to school. My love for medicine and health never went away and I still loved Digital Media so I decided to go into the Masters program at Marywood for Health Communication. I knew that my knowledge of the digital age could help the ever-growing medical field. I consider myself an experienced communicator on all platforms and knew this was the path for me.I applied for a graduate assistantship and got accepted in the Web Development office. I was elated. I accepted and began this new journey.

561364_10150993346047695_992063136_nI thought I knew a decent amount about the web- boy was I wrong. I had made little ‘websites’ before in college courses through templates and wrote HTML code, and I knew a decent amount of computer programs. Once I joined the office of the web I was blown away by their knowledge and intelligence. They were the backbone of Marywood in all digital aspects. I felt overwhelmed and unqualified. Luckily, my coworkers were helpful and gave me free rein to learn at my own pace.

Like I said above, part of being a graduate assistant is doing a project. My coworkers gave me complete artistic range in I could do whatever I like as long as it dealt with the web. They showed me a website that their previous grad assistant worked on…it was called Humans of Marywood.

I knew I could add to this! It dealt with people and social media….two things I love. I took it on. I accepted this as my project and decided to add to it- I want to add the video aspect. I know with my expertise in making small trailers and videos that a video about the people of Marywood could be a really beautiful, informative piece. I began researching the day I began my job and mapped out a timeline of what I wanted to achieve with this project.

I am in the middle of the makings of Humans of Marywood video project. My coworkers have faith and trust me to give me responsibility in other parts of Web Development. So far I have helped to update the undergraduate catalog online, take pictures and video of various Maryood facilities, updating online forms, give me permission to numerous pages on the website and edit posts that the whole Marywood community could see, interact with work meetings with clients for the website and take my creative ideas as suggestions. I’ve been lucky to be able to learn new web jargon, and brush up on my Photoshop skills in the few months I’ve worked here.

183283_661455071709_5692647_nMy latest work is an assignment on a photo page for the current students to submit their own photos. It is still in the works, I’ve got a lot of work to do with my ideas and thoughts and I’m excited to take on this project along with my Humans of Marywood video.

I’m excited to be learning more from my coworkers, and humbled to be able to go back to school for my masters.


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