The Idea

Where did the idea of Humans of Marywood Come from?

The Humans of Marywood is based upon Humans of New York, a photographer started in 2010. His name was Brandon Stanton and he started it as a way to document the lives of various residents and people of New York. It started purely as a picture and a simple quote but spiraled into something much more advanced.


As part of my project for my Web Development office, I wanted to help try and connect the people of Marywood to one another by giving little snippets of each person, or groups of people. Marywood University is a smaller campus in comparison to a school that has over 30,000 undergrad students. We, as students, are fortunate enough to connect with our teachers and classmates in a more intimate setting but I thought nevertheless to help expand upon Humans of Marywood in a way to connect further.


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