Social Connection Sites


So as I blog on here, and add pages and posts and projects I keep thinking about whether I should try to mate this more interactive. I put a calendar on the side and a chatroom widget feature but I’m not sure of what else I could do. I then started thinking after one of my blogs how it is easy to talk to others through social medias. So I decided to make a post dedicated to “social connection sites.”

Vine, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter. Those social media sites are specific to being popular.

What other sites are there? Are there better social media platforms that could be better than the ones that are well known? OF COURSE!


Above I have pictured some of the Humans of Marywood that have been featured over the past 2 years. With each story we have found that the collaboration between technology and social relationships is key.

As a generation, technology is growing as quickly as ever. Everyday there are new advancements invented to try and make life easier.

I know each semester I begin classes again that there are new apps and programs that are made in order to try and make the course-load of work easier.  Sites like Asana, Google Drive, and Prezi are designed to keep up with the ever-changing life of technology. 

^ This is an online social shopping experience

^This is a combination of the social media sites like Facebook and Myspace combined so that you get to see what you’ve posted from multiple websites on the same day/week/year.

^This is an online way to have conference meetings

^A professional ‘Facebook’ in a sense for working individuals

^This is a website that will allow you to help motivate and inspire others to take ideas to the next level by working in groups.