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Wooooof. Blogging is no joke man. Since I came up with this idea, around October 8th, I was wondering about how I could incorporate all the things I love into a blog. A week ago, earlier November I made this blog…used wordpress and was really getting into the hang of things…Once I began the blog I realized some of my links to the pages inside of wordpress weren’t working and I became annoyed.

I took a break and then decided to come back to it with a fresh mind. I started working on it entirely yesterday, 11/09. I made 4 posts, 3 pages and had numerous images and links and I thought it looked great. Until….once again the internal posts and clicking were not matching up. I consider myself a tech-saavy person so I couldn’t figure out why this program continued to fight with me. This opened up a thought I had: technology isn’t easy. Sure I grew up with it and like I said, I  think I’m pretty good at it. But for someone who doesn’t know exactly what they are doing I could see how it could be discouraging.

The next day I decided to try a different platform… I looked up this other online blogging site called Weebly. It seemed extremely user friendly and easy. I made nearly the exact same set up…about me, humans of marywood, technology etc. Until…. I started having issues again. I nearly punched my computer I was so angry!

New Communication Technology such as computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets and kindles, so on and so forth connect us beautifully. We are able to be the ones in control… or so we think. This battle I’m having with these blog sites is not foreign… for I had to Google if I was going crazy:

HERE is a Yahoo questions thread that if you read it all it will go on for days…

THIS ONE is actually a step by step guide on how to try and fix a blog on – what do you know- Word Press.

AND THIS ONE is a blog on how to be a better blogger while blogging so you don’t have any blogger issues.

This whole debacle that I’m going through has made one thing clear… the internet giveth and taketh away. That’s enough for today.


Today I was going to blog about the Monday blues and how we need extra coffee to be able to deal with the day….but in light of the recent Terrorist attacks on Paris, earthquake in Japan, and any other disaster that took place on November 13, 2015, I have decided to talk about another issue entirely.

It is so sad to think about what evil, determined individuals could do. I think it is safe to say that we know about all the sadness in it. We know of the terrorists, the fatalities, and the hope being lost. Through print, online, and television we are shown the catastrophes that have taken place this day. It is very easy to get caught up in the sadness of it. This day as a whole was heartbreaking.

My family took in exchange students from 1998-2007 from England and France. Our last exchange student was named Edwige Mazel, and she was from France. Although I haven’t spoken to her in years we keep in touch through social media. When the attacks happened in Paris, I reached out to her and this is what she said,

“It is a very sad and weird situation here.Nothing has changed in my daily life (I still live in the middle of France) but I am very saddened by the attacks and what they mean for the future… Probably more attacks in the next years. When will this stop? Our countries have their part of culpability in this chaos (selling weapons, oil issues etc…), and I have no idea of what should be best solutions… Feeling really sad, and lost about what humanity is made of…”

This struck a huge chord with me. There is despair and sadness around the world and I was just going to write a blog about needing coffee on a Monday…there are so many more important issues that could be spoken, blogged, and vlogged about.

In times of sadness I try to be positive. It is insanely difficult to be positive about a situation like the Paris attacks, or attacks on people who are innocent. But there has always been this one quote that stood out to me that is by Mr. Rogers, and the quote is one which I think is extremely important for these next few months.


“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

This is more true than ever. In light of bad situations, I try my hardest to stay positive because it is so easy to become down and upset. So below I decided to try to include positive videos and pictures and anything that could possibly lift someone’s sprits.

brazil cat drink walrus


Today I had a breakthrough in terms of online websites and I’d like to fully contribute it to this class and designing this website template!

As I’ve stated in my ‘Project Description’ and ‘About Me’, I received a graduate assistantship from the Web Development Office at Marywood University. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the web office in terms of what I’d be doing but recently I’ve learned a valuable skill and I’m so excited!

Today, I made my very first website page and I think that this type of blogging has helped me to make it interactive, and understand things like:

  • widgets
  • navigation bar
  • html  (in the most simple form)
  • visual vs. code
  • publish/unpublish
  • parent and child on website
  • what truly makes up a ‘page’

I’m very excited because up until now I’ve always been given templates to build websites (blogs even like this one)….that what is so wonderful about this site!  It gives the user full access to what it is they want to do and would prefer on their page.

I’ve been assigned a task to make a website under the Marywood website that helps organize and give information to a very important process that is happening at the school. I am extremely excited.


Today is the 2nd most popular day to go out and have drinks besides from Parade day! In honor of the drinks that will be flowing tonight, I will include some of my favorite types of drinks and why I like them.

Simple Beer: Miller Lite. It is easy to drink, goes down smooth and is relatively cheap. If you want something a little stronger, go for bud light.

Stronger Beer: My favorite type of IPA (India Pale Ale) is Rebel IPA. It is part of Sam Adams and has a really refreshing, hoppy taste. I love it!

Besides from IPA doing the trick, a yummy tasty beer is Blue Moon with an orange. The fruity flavor makes it easy to drink.

Vodka mixed drink: Straight vodka (I use 3 Olives normally) always goes well with cranberry juice. Or mix it with sprite and a splash of cranberry/pineapple juice. If you’re on a diet switch the sprite up with club soda and enjoy.

Flavored vodka you should try Stoli products. I normally will do grape Stoli vodka with water and a lemon. It is low calories and delicious.

Rum: Whatever you do, don’t have Admiral Nelson. It is cheap and will leave you feeling like you got hit with a bus! Rum and coke is the classic go-to but you can always do Lemon Bacardi  Rum with a diet coke…the lemon in the Rum makes it seem like it is diet coke with a lemon! Sneaky way to not taste the alcohol. Rum and pineapple juice is great too, but the pineapple juice could get overwhelming. Be adventurous and try different things! Good bartenders will help lead you into the flavors you enjoy.

Gin: I won’t lie, I’m not a big Gin drinker. My aunt loves Gin and Tonic with a lime and to be honest, that is really the only mixed drink I know of. You’re on your own here readers!

Whiskey: Yum! My favorite is any type of Honey Whiskey. Drink it straight or put it in a shot and I promise you won’t need a chaser. Whiskey water with lemon is an easy way to get a buzz and keep up with drinking on a diet. Whiskey Sour is popular.

Scotch, Bourbon, and anything else I missed: I’m clearly not skilled in this area of alcohol but you do you!


Happy first day back at work after Turkey Day! I had quite the exciting Thanksgiving…. to start things off, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.

I love Thanksgiving because it is hosted at my house. My dad’s siblings come in (he is one of 5) 4 of them are married and I have two cousins. Both my grandmothers come over and my mother’s brother. That makes around 16 people. To add to it, my sister’s boyfriend comes over and so does my boyfriend. But to elevate this to the NEXT level, this Thanksgiving my sister’s boyfriend’s twin brother, grandfather, and mom joined us. That makes 21 people. And to even pump it up more, my sister’s boyfriend’s mom is deaf.

Woof. If you understand that by reading it only once then major kudos to you. Things are looking pretty serious for my sister then..maybe there is a ring in the future? But regardless, our house was packed. It was great. Everyone brings a dish and we all talk and drink and be merry together….that is, until Annalinda (sister’s boyfriend’s deaf mom) eats a walnut in my Aunt Mary Ellen’s coleslaw which she is allergic to and her throat starts closing up.

Crazy right? We are in the middle of eating and I look to Ian (the twin) sitting next to me who is doing sign language like crazy to his mom and brother who are across the table from him. I ignore it, maybe think it is just a story they are saying or something…until Ian looks at me and asks if we have any benedryl. I say of course is everything ok? Then he tells me.

I ran into my bathroom where our medicine cabinet is located and immediately pull out the first aid kit. I find the little pink pills and check the back just to make sure- EXPIRED 2004. YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

I run into the living room where everyone is sitting and motion for my sister, Megan, to follow me. I ask her if she has any. Of course not. I check with Ian how Annalinda is, she is saying that her throat is closing up.

My boyfriend and I quickly jumped in the car and drove to Joe’s quick mart (basically the only store that was open at 2pm on Thanksgiving) and bought a packet of Benedryl. In the end, everything turned out okay but boy was it exciting!!



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