The internet is a connection medium


I started thinking… I’ve always grown up with the internet. From what I could remember, my play sessions included playing solitaire on my dad’s computer then eventually mindcraft, and Harry Potter games.

Once the internet became something that I decided to take on, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon and got AOL (First screen name is always the scariest). Through this, I talked to my friends…made new friends in chat-rooms, and connected to people all around the world. Luckily my dad was very hands on with my computer process through his work and I became quickly skilled in using the hardware in front of me.

The internet has always been the medium that I’ve used.

TV entertainment has been purely to entertain and inform. Although it is a medium that gives you something, there is really no way to connect back to tv.

Radio was one step closer… listeners could call in and hear their voices on the radio, or have a conversation with the DJ’s. Radio connected people better than TV.

But internet, internet was the holy grail. Not only could you send information out, but receive feedback nearly simultaneously.

This is one of the main reasons that I took on the Humans of Marywood. I love connecting others to have engaging conversations, debates, and have others interact in terms that they’re able to really relate to one another. It helps show us that we’re all human and that we have faults and similarities.



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